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5 Ideal Destinations in Australia

Usually warm and surrounded completely by the ocean, it comes as no surprise that Australia is one of the finest spots in the world to go to ( More on: do us citizens need a visa for Australia ). This huge country contains countless attractions which includes beaches, museums, national theme parks, and many more natural and architectural wonders.

Listed here are 5 must-see areas for anybody who goes to this diverse continent.

1. The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular places in Australia, and for a very good reason. Each year, atleast two million people come to go to this breath-taking location. Stretching over 2000 km along the Queensland coast, this great ecosystem comprises around 3000 coral reefs, hundreds of islands, and a myriad of ocean species, which includes fish, whales, sharks, plankton and also sea turtles.

As one of the largest and most diverse coral reef, the Great Barrier is a must-see for any vacationer.

2. The Sydney Opera House

Several buildings are as exceptional as the architectural wonder, the Sydney Opera House. In a shape reminiscent of a ship and its billowing sails, the Sydney Opera House is located on the edge of the city close to the Royal Botanic Gardens and obtains over 8 million visitors every year. Since 1973, this art performance center contains studios, cinemas, dining places, cafes, and several other forms of art and entertainment spots.

3. Kakadu National Park

As the largest national park in all of Australia, Kakadu spans close to 20,000 km square of untouched wilderness and ancient aboriginal rock art. This vast reserve is home to a lot of plant species, birds, mammals, frogs, fresh water fish, reptiles, and over 10,000 different types of insects. With gorges, rivers, rainforests, walking trails and much more, there is absolutely no shortage of sights to see in Kakadu National Park.

4. Melbourne

There is absolutely no shortage of things you can do in Australias second largest city, Melbourne. There is hot air ballooning within the Yarra Valley, shopper destinations like Chapel Street, the Royal Arcade as well as the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, skydiving activities, the Melbourne museum, and plenty of parks to cover a third of the citys entire place.

For a long time, Melbourne has been listed as among the most livable metropolitan areas on earth.

5. Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest and island in the world and has a stunning variety of lakes, rainforest, and animal species. This unique island can be accessed through ferry from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach.

Fraser Island possesses the only real old-growth rainforests ever known to grow on high-elevations and dunes. Numerous types of birds, reptiles, land mammals and marine life can be located across the island, including a number of endangered species like the dugong. Another significant destination is the remains of the Maheno, a ship that washed ashore in 1935.

Several resorts and guest houses offer sites for visitors to rest throughout extended outings to the island.

Australia is one of the most diverse and picturesque areas in the whole wide world. With breath-taking natural environment, countless animal species, dazzling metropolitan areas, and numerous other attractions, this excellent continent is a paradise for avid vacationers and beach-goers alike.


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