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The Great Country of Australia

As one may wish to experience the great country of Australia, taking heed to the luscious wilderness, abundant cities, and the courteous people who occupy such a country, the processes required to receive one many of the different types of visas offered to an individual traveling to Australia can be made easy once you can determine and express your reasons for requesting an Australian visa as well as having all required documents that are needed by the Australian government in order to grant someone a visa. It is in my best interest to ensure that you can be informed on how to apply for an Australian visa.

Requirements for the Application Process

As you plan to make a trip to such an astonishing country, it must be understood that there are requirements that must be met by the traveler that is required by the Commonwealth of Australia. Such requirements may serve no hassle to the frequent traveler, however, someone who infrequently travels may need to be ready to seek and provide such documents, as they will be demanded to do so. (Contact information and websites will be located at the bottom of this article for the reader reference.) Visa applicants must be able to prove that they have citizenship or naturalization to a Visa Waiver Program country (list of countries will be linked below the article).

Proof of citizenship or naturalization include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Passport
  • Work or Tax records
  • Certificate of Consular Registration of Birth

Passports of the citizen’s country are mandatory and must have been valid 6 months prior to the time of requesting an Australian visa.

Additional documents include:

  • A signed and filled out Form 1419 for tourists (short stay).
  • A 45mm x 35mm photo that is no older than 6 months.
  • Proof that you have enough currency to supply your stay (credit card limit, bank statements, paystubs).
  • Letter of invitation if you are visiting relatives or a friend.
  • Travel itinerary.
  • Information probing that you have authorities in your home country that you must attend to:
  • Assets
  • Immediate family
  • Letter of your intention to return to your job, written by your employer.

When applying to stay for longer than 6 months, the applicant is required to do an x-ray and medical examination. All documents must be in English or have a translated English version of the document presented alongside the official document.

Application Process

Once you have all of your documents ready, there will be a check to determine if you have all of the required documents in their official state. Copies of documents must be certified copies to ensure authenticity. It will be assured that all documents are in English or accompanied by a certified English translation. A common visitor application fee will amount to a nonrefundable, which must be paid for the application to be processed. Once the application is submitted, you must wait to be contacted by the Australian Visa Office regarding what decision has been made. The processing time will take from 14 to 27 days from the date it was submitted.


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